Immersion Dipped Coil Coating

Dip & Bake Coating

If you want the best corrosion protection in the HVAC industry for your coil, you need to dip them in a corrosion resistant coating. Our dip and bake coating is an epoxy coating with fluoro Teflon. It provides the most complete coverage for the coil. After the coils emerge from being dipped they are baked in an oven to cure. This produces a very durable coating that provides the ultimate in coil protection.

This coating can help improve the way in which the coils work. It improves the overall life expectancy of the HVAC coil, can reduce fan wattage and it is anti-microbial keeping mold and fungi from accumulating in your HVAC system..

Extend the life of your coils and your system. Call us about our dip and back coil coatings today!