NEBB aligning with new DOE standard

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau has announced its new certification program, known as the Commissioning Process Certified Professional Program (Cx-PC). The NEBB noted the Cx-PC is now recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and accredited through the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines.

The NEBB works to aid in the monitoring and testing of buildings to help business owners and engineers develop more eco-friendly ways to operate on a daily basis. For instance, certified professionals from the NEBB can locate inefficiencies in a building so companies can reduce energy waste. Further, the NEBB promotes the use of green materials during construction and assesses the performance of HVAC systems after installation.

By aligning with newly updated Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines, the NEBB is helping push the commercial sector toward more effective energy efficiency standards.

The Better Building Workforce Guidelines serves as the first ever national standard for energy efficiency in commercial buildings. By standardizing energy goals and best practices for building construction, the U.S. is enabling businesses to minimize their environmental impact.

Training and certification sessions such as the Cx-PC allow engineers, technicians and tradesmen to implement the technologies and strategies needed to create buildings that last longer and have smaller carbon footprints.

Regulating HVAC performance
One of the tenets of the new NEBB program is the consistent testing of HVAC systems to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency and not contributing to energy waste. Once the source of a potential problem has been identified, technicians can replace the poor-performing parts with updated models.

For example, removing damaged HVAC coils and replacing them with newly coated coils, units can function with less energy. This saves companies money while also eliminating unnecessary energy loss.

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