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NEBB aligning with new DOE standard

Greater energy efficiency allows the U.S. to move toward more sustainable energy sources.

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau has announced its new certification program, known as the Commissioning Process Certified Professional Program (Cx-PC).

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Industrial energy management solutions growing

EMS can lead to real-world energy savings.

To date, more businesses in the industrial sector are adopting data-driven energy solutions into their everyday operations.

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Optimize HVAC chilled water coils with coil coatings

Coated coils can help regulate temperatures more efficiently.

HVAC chilled water coils are the backbone of many commercial and industrial HVAC operations, keeping temperature levels within optimal ranges and allowing daily business functions to continue unimpeded.

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HVAC demand continues to rise

New construction and business expansion has driven HVAC demand.

A new report from Freedonia indicated the demand for HVAC equipment is projected to rise 6.9 percent a year for the next four years in the U.S.

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Building retrofits a top priority for lawmakers

Retrofitted buildings can make commercial operations more efficient.

The demand for energy efficiency has never been higher in the U.S., particularly in the past year, in which oil and gas prices have fallen and the entire makeup of energy production and investments continues to change.

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Utilizing HVAC technology for maximum effect

Energy-efficient construction is now mainstream.

In the manufacturing industry technology has been the driving force behind the latest advancements, altering how employees work, equipment is made and how it is used in any given setting.

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New DOE guidelines standardize commercial energy efficiency

Construction on new commercial buildings will have a greater emphasis on energy efficiency.

The U.S. Department of Energy released the first ever national energy-efficiency guidelines for commercial buildings March 23.

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Springtime HVAC tune-ups

HVAC systems should be upgraded in advance of spring.

With winter conditions receding from many parts of the nation, businesses will be rebooting their energy goals to prepare for the seasonal changes

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Products for energy-efficient buildings becoming more mainstream

Buildings are being constructed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Combined with pressure from federal and state officials, and the growing commercialization of clean energy, the market for energy-efficient building products is set to expand even more in the coming years, according to a report from Navigant Research.

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Installing custom HVAC coils to promote indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is important for heavy-duty operations in certain industries.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency found Americans on average spend 90 percent of their entire lives indoors. 

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