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Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are widely used in the HVAC/R industry and have many uses. We will explore some of those uses here along with a basic overview of how these coils function. In layman’s terms, evaporator coils are commonly used for industrial refrigeration and for providing air conditioning and heating in a home or office space. They are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industry for removing excess water from, or dehumidifying, substances which must retain a long shelf-life, such as packaged foods and medicines. More specifically, evaporator coils transform a compressed chemical from a liquid into a gas. As the liquid is evaporated, heat is also absorbed, which produces a cooling effect.

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Problems  With Traditional Coils

There are several problems that are associated with traditional evaporator coils. Water condensation, rust and mold and fungi have caused considerable damage to evaporator coils in the past, reducing their lifespan functioning capabilities significantly.The most pressing problems that cause the premature degradation of evaporator coils all start with water. When water condenses on the coils, rust or mold and fungi may form. Although rust does destroy the evaporator coil over time, mold and fungi formation are a major short-term problem because of the effect on air quality.
Water condensation can result in the formation of black mold on the evaporator coil, which results in the circulation of toxic mold in the space that is being cooled. If this happens to be an office building or a home, this can create health problems for anyone present and could contaminate products in the industrial setting.

Rahn Industries has successfully side-stepped and eliminated these problems by applying Rahn-Kote™ a unique Fluoro Teflon coating created by Rahn Industries. This special coating is superhydrophobic, which means that it repels water to a very high degree. When compared in a water repellent test, the superhydrophobic coating repelled water better than a standard plastic! Rahn-Kote™ also has a high level of titanium-dioxide which prevents UV light from damaging the coils.

Because Rahn-Kote™ prevents water from resting on the evaporator coils, rust, mold and fungi no longer cause problems. These coils have long-term corrosion protection and the best antimicrobial performance in the entire industry. The extra protection provided by this superhydrophobic coating increases the lifespan of these evaporator coils by 10 times that of the industry standard. Even additional problems, such as ice formation, are significantly reduced or eliminated entirely due to condensation rolloff, which leaves the coils clean and dry. You can also feel safe and secure knowing that the use of Rahn Industries’ evaporator coils will keep the air clean and fresh. So the integrity of your products as well as your health is protected. Another benefit of the superhydrophobic coating is that cleaning the coils can be done quickly and is a low-maintenance process. Simply apply a mild detergent and water to remove dirt and the water-repellent coating will take care of the rest.

We offer 6 different types of evaporator coil designs to meet your needs. The architecture and style of coil you choose will depends on the space where the coil will be used and its function. To find out more about the design of the coils listed below, visit our Evaporator Coils page and download the templates. Or if you would like to dive right into the specifications visit our Fluid Coils page.

Here is a completely list of the evaporator coils we offer:

• DX Coil Single
• DX Coil A Frame
• DX Coil Interlaced
• DX Coil Interlaced Face Control
• DX Coil Face Control
• DX Coil Face Control 2 Connections

The evaporator coils at Rahn Industries are the best in the HVAC industry. We have the best corrosion and antimicrobial protection methods and we grant our customers a 12 month warranty on our coils with a 5 year warranty for the Rahn-Kote™ coating. We can keep your coils working properly for 30 years, which outlasts the industry standard, and we make our products in the United States.