Rahn Industries, Inc. Quality Statement:

“At Rahn Industries, we value quality to ensure customer satisfaction through our commitment to understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and providing them with coils and protective coatings that meet or exceed all specifications and are based on the pursuit of our quality objectives and continuous improvement.”Rahn Industries, Inc. has developed and implemented a thorough Quality Management System that maintains a strict adherence to all ISO 9001:2008 standards. Through process development planning and the identification of key quality characteristics at every stage of production we are able to implement process control plans that deliver repeatable results with limited amounts of variation.

Our continuous improvement program utilizes tools such as the deployment of Statistical Process Control (SPC), Value Stream mapping and various forms of lean manufacturing techniques such as Six Sigma, and DMAIC. Through these methods we can identify and develop creative solutions to correct and prevent process inefficiencies and discrepancies. On some of our more advance aerospace projects we can utilize complex analysis tools like DOE (Design of Experiments), though primarily we focus on pratical solutions that provide us with the ability to build quality into every process of manufacturing.

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