Many outdoor units are set in harsh environments that can accelerate corrosion, damaging the whole system and extremely compromising its performance and energy efficiency. Once corrosion starts to develop, coil capacity decreases rapidly. In some conditions, the operating performance of unprotected coils can decrease by over 50% in less than six months.

By investing in quality coatings, coils, HVAC systems and architectural structures last longer and don’t need to be repaired or replaced as frequently when compared to noncoated surfaces. Not only are HVAC coatings critical components of HVAC performance, they are also necessary solutions for today’s economic, environmental and regulatory demands.

Rahn Industries has been at the forefront of protective coating for HVAC/R coils and equipment for over 40 years, and can meet the coating needs of every company, regardless of size, location or industry.


After years of intense exposure to harmful elements such as salt, pollutants, UV rays, humidity, airborne pathogens and microbial buildup, HVAC systems can degrade severely, reducing output and negatively impacting indoor air quality and the total operational costs of businesses. When HVAC units become damaged irreparably, firms must spend sometimes millions of to replace or upgrade them.

Some of the benefits of protective coating are:

  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Helps prevent the growth and spread of harmful microbes like mold, viruses and bacteria.
  • Increases inside air quality by helping to filter pollution.
  • Extend the life of HVAC units.
  • Reduce energy consumption.

The harsher the environment the more you need Rahn Industries protective coating.


Rahn industries offers the ideal application for each type of coating offered. They include:

  • Sprayed on: This long-lasting coat is applied with a special spraying gun, that uses compressed air from a nozzle to spread the liquid on the coil in a controlled pattern.
  • Immersion (Dip): This type provides the most complete coverage for coils. They are dipped in the coating substance, then baked at a high temperature to complete seal the coat.
  • Architectural: Protects external parts of a HVAC unit that are exposed to the elements, as well as ay outside structure that may need extra protection such as pipes, metals, walls, floors and other parts of a building.


At Rahn Industries we work with the best coating brands in the market, including:

  • Heresite™: The most popular coil coating used worldwide, Heresite™ has been offering a solution to corrosion problems for more than 50 years.
  • Blygold™: An aluminum pigmented polyurethane coating developed to protect air-cooled heat exchangers. Blygold™ offers excellent resistance against UV rays and airborne chemicals.
  • PPG™: A poly siloxane epoxy that is used for a number of applications such as exterior structures and surfaces.


Extend the life of your coils and your HVAC system with Rahn Industries’ coatings. Call us about our sprayed on, immersion, or architectural protective HVAC coil coatings today!