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Air Conditioner and HVAC systems have become a necessity in today’s society. Households count on them for comfort and several industries depend on them.

AC Coils are the most important part of any HVAC system, they are what increase or decrease the temperature of the internal coolant gas or liquid creating the cooling or warming effect needed.


Air Conditioner Coils are what make an HVAC system work. The main purpose of HVAC is to move air creating a cooler or warmer environment. And that’s where AC coils come in.

There are two main types: the evaporator coil that removes heat and moisture from indoor air to cool it, and the condenser coil that takes indoor heat and releases it outside. Without proper working air conditioner coils, there would be no change of indoor temperature.

The setup and location of the coils can differ in different brands and models, so Rahn Industries’ experienced engineers and sales representatives can help you measure and ascertain the right HVAC coil for your needs.


Rahn Industries offers various options of AC coils replacement, including:

  • Custom Replacement Coils: Any size and configuration you need for your HVAC system.
  • OEM Replacement Coils: We can manufacture any commercial OEM coil including York, Munters, Lennox, Carrier, Aaon, among others.
  • Condenser Coils: Also known as an outside coil, it holds the refrigerant in its liquid form.
  • Evaporator Coils: We offer 6 types of evaporator coil designs to meet your needs.
  • Water Coils: Chilled or Hot Water coils that are second to none.
  • Steam Distribution Coils: Made to the customers’ specifications these coils are designed to minimize freezing risks.
  • Booster Reheat Coils: Our hot water booster coils are available in 1 to 4 row designs, single or double feed or multiple circuit manifolds.
  • Refrigeration Coils: Specially used in the food industry, these specialized evaporator coils allow for outside air to be cooled to a preset temperature in a matter of seconds.